APAC Marketers Roundtable Podcast

Messaging Differences in APAC vs USA

Episode Summary

Does your messaging have to change when selling to APAC vs the USA? If you ask Gabriel Lim, the CEO of Saleswhale, the answer is "definitely" -- especially if you're in B2B SaaS. This is a clip from an upcoming episode where we'll talk about creating a global GTM while based in APAC.

Episode Notes

When doing business across the USA and APAC, you're going to run into a lot of situations where "what works over there doesn't work over here." Once you really start executing, you'll find that one of those things is messaging and positioning.

The messaging you have for a market like Australia (English-speaking and resembles America in many ways) has to be different from the one you use in the Philippines (which also speaks English, but also has many singular qualities.)

The inevitable second hurdle then becomes finding an answer to the question of "well, how different does my messaging have to be?"

In this short clip, Gabriel Lim (CEO @ Saleswhale) describes their experiences tweaking their messaging when speaking to APAC audiences vs speaking to their prospects in the USA.

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